How to style leather leggings

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ — Coco Chanel

So if a leather legging speaks to your personality and you’re looking for tips on how to style leather leggings this is a short, sweet and straight to the point article 🙂 . Otherwise, skip it all and you could also watch the video !

So a leather leggings is the most versatile piece of clothing and a must have which you can style it to wear it for music festival, to coffee date or to the office. Hence, there are many brilliant and beautiful ideas people have shared over the years. But I’m going to take another approach and share some ‘key’ ingredients that you can use to assemble variety of awe worthy looks!

  1. Wear it with a Sheer/Transparent/Lace Top

Probably not many share this style but this is a look that gives a light, airy and stunningly sexy appearance. Logic behind: a leather leggings (matte or glossy) already gives a form fitting. Thus, combining it with something sheer above completes the silhouette on the upper body and eventually accentuates the shape.

2. Wear it with a blazer

One very trendy way: an oversized blazer+thick sash belt. This is personally my most favorite one! Reason: Sash belt on top acts like a corset which defines your shape more prominently thus giving a very crisp look. Extra Tip: roll your sleeves up for some more edge in your look!

Another way (if you don’t feel taking the risk): the very classic way, which can never go wrong, a good white T-shirt/shirt and a good fitted blazer. You have there the most classic, fashionable look either for work or for a dinner date (based on the blazer of course!).

3. Wear it with an oversized shirt

This is probably the most basic fashion idea: Oversized up+tight and fitted bottom or …….. vice versa. It could be a checkered shirt, it could a white shirt, it could a stripped shirt and finally it could be your boyfriend’s shirt! Don’t hesitate to share.

And if you’re not a fan of that loose, relaxed look try it with a belt on top!

4. Wear it with a hat

So, we all have those hat/s in our closet which we thought looks super cute and then wonder what to wear it with. Answer: leather leggings!

5. Wear it with a striped top

As mentioned already, leather leggings gives a good fitted form and long lean legs. Now, combining it with a vertically striped top continues the long, lean look as vertical stripes amplifies the illusion of looking tall.


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