Money Saving Tips: On how to shop at Mango

Zara and Mango are the two favorite high street affordable brands for many of us. As we know they have the very fashionable, decent quality of clothing for a reasonable amount of money. 

Now this Spanish brand has quite a bit of own perks when it comes to deals and special offer. Combine it together with these few tips and tricks below and you have some affordable items in your closet. 

  1. SALE 

The collection of coats, jackets and high price dresses in Mango are undoubtedly very beautiful, good quality, but pricey. To avoid such price tag, wait till the year end/ season end sale. Most of the items one can be found in the sale and everything is 20% to 70% reduced.


Mango outlet store is a bit of a secret to many and not much popular. With no surprise this is my favorite bit. Everything (including men’s wear, kids) is reduced mostly to 50% to 85% or less. You are surely to find some serious beautiful pieces for any season at any time. Practically it’s Mango sale throughout the year.


Now, let’s say you’re in the shop during the sale going on and you like an item. However, it is perhaps broken, or button came off, etc. Don’t worry, order it online. In that you get a very fresh piece! In general, I would highly recommend to shop online during sale season. You will always receive a fresh, intact item. Mango has a different stock for online orders.


Combine the outlet store and your basic needs you will be practically getting some very good pieces as much as for 4€. So shop your basic needs like your blue, white t shirt or your jeans from outlet or on sale season. You’ll be saving some huge amount rather than buying it for full price. 


Sometimes, we do shop the trend and we like it. However, watch out for promotion items or discount codes like ‘10% off for signing up for newsletter’. You get the latest trend but with some bit off. Every bit helps!


If you shop at Mango online you can get it delivered for free at your nearby stores and pick it up. And of course purchase above some value (depending on the country) delivery to your home is free anyways.

Well, I hope this article helps you and you enjoy some shopping without breaking your bank! ☺ Wish you a very nice time of the day!

—————————-Priyanka Schnell————————————————-

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