Mango Haul | February 2020

Quote of the day : ‘Stress does not go with my outfit!’

Hello Everyone 🥰,

Welcome to my MANGO haul blog : February 2020. When I pick an outfit I put my heart and soul in it. That’s cause I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful as per their own terms.

Here, I’ve chosen some neutral colored versatile (almost basic) pieces that could be reused and restyled in various ways. If you happen to share the same taste than me please do WRITE/CONTACT/GIVE FEEDBACK 😃. I would love to get connected to share the same passion.

Full video at my channel on YouTube: priyankaschnell

Look 1

Turtle neck pullover: Size XS | 25,99€
Oversized denim jacket: Size XS | 49,99€
Biker jeans shorts: Size 32 | 29,99€

Look 2

Long skirt: Size XS | 49,99€
High neck pullover: Size XS | 25,99€

Look 3

Knit pullover: Size XS | 39,99€
Black leather pant: Size XS | 35,99€

Look 4

Vest: Size XS | 59,99€
Pant: Size XS | 35,99€

Look 5

Black velvet dress: Size XS | 25,99€

Hope this inspires you! Wish you a great day!

————- Priyanka Schnell ————–

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