Where to click pictures and what to wear – In Oia (Santorini)

Hello Everyone,

Santorini is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen till now (no EXAGERRATION) and OIA is the ‘GEM’ of Santorini. Our visit to this beautiful island was for three days and this time we wanted to really enjoy without any stress of visiting many locations and indulge in pure luxury! So, we resided in ‘Ducato di Oia’, roamed around only in Oia and felt content with zero regret ❤️️. The hotel has seven customized rooms each with a private pool. Ours was ‘Sifonos’. The view from the room is a pure bliss!

Check my travel vlog. It starts with the view.

If you are visiting Santorini please, please, please do take a decent DSLR camera/ high end phone. I’m certain that you have packed all your nice clothes, spend on travel and finally you will not wish to come back without having some great pictures! I’ve used here Canon 5D Mark IV, with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

All of the photo locations (with pictures) are marked in the map below and I’ve linked some affordable, decent quality, online shops to get similar outfit ideas or as per your preference 🙂.

  1. Anastasis Church

The blue domes of Anastasis are the most recognizable and famous photo-spots not just in Oia, but the whole of Santorini. You’ve probably seen similar countless pictures in pinterest/internet. Do make sure to reach there in the early morning. The line will be much shorter 🙂! Also, it is windy in the morning. A flowy dress as such will take the picture on a higher level. Tip: opt for a hairstyle that could be managed in heavy wind.

  1. Kastro Oia Houses

This pink/ orange hued hotel is the dash of colour in the cliff filled with white and thus being so picturesque. I’ve worn here a short white dress and sneakers. Tip: Do take sneakers, flats or wedged sandals only. Remember: you’ll be walking on cobbled streets.

  1. Oia Windmills

There are two windmills on the western side of Oia. The place is relatively quiet and a good spot to click pictures without feeling anxious/nervous around the crowd. Also, enjoy a nice walk through the alley. Tip: If you’re going for a romantic vibe do wear monochromatic/shade dresses (red, blue, orange, even black are some good choices).

  1. Ducato Di Oia

Our hotel was marvelous. Other than really friendly staff and delicious breakfast, we enjoyed our cozy pool. Well! we made sure to get some sexy instagramable pictures too 😉. Tip: Avoid wearing black or too printed bikini, instead go for bright colors. Check links below for affordable and trendy bikinis.

Fun in the pool aside, we were allowed to go to the roof of our hotel room. And below are the very gorgeous shots we got. There is also a space just opposite to the roof which is open to the public. Similar ideas to be found on the mentioned online shops below.

  1. Oia churches

In Oia there are many beautiful churches. Walking down the road from Ducato di Oia you’ll be able to find a small church. A flowy/ satin / tulle/ pleated dress will give some gorgeous dreamy pictures. Usually, it is not allowed and disrespectful to step on the roof of the churches. But you can always step away from the church roof and click.

  1. Sunset – Byzantine Castle / Oia Castle

Best place to watch is the Byzantine/ Oia Castle or the stairs from Kastro Oia houses. It is quite crowded and you might want to dress comfortably. I went for more adventurous look here with my T-shirt, shorts and sneakers. Finally, get some beer, grab your pal, GO EARLY, take a spot and enjoy the the best sunset in the world!

  1. Private Gallery

After all those romantic walking, dining, swimming, etc it’s always a good idea to try to click some pictures in the room you’ve stayed. It could be fun and relaxing, most importantly some intimate bonding moments. So steal your man’s shirt and bring out the camera. You would be surprised with what you’ve created.

At last, straight from the camera roll – Sunset and Sunrise!

Locations with map:

Online Shops:
1) Asos
2) Zaful
4) Zalando
7) Missguided
8) AboutYOU
9) Amazon
10) Boohoo
11) RoseGal
12) Dresslily
13) Chi Chi London

Thanks for reading! Have a great trip!

——————– Priyanka Schnell———————-

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