What to wear for Valentine’s day !

I’m nicer when I like my outfit’ 🙂

Alright, may we all are nice anyways but who doesn’t get lifted up with a good outfit!

If you are more dynamic check the video. All items are linked through the blog.

That being said it is obvious that we all deserve a day or more in our life to feel pretty after all the hard work. So let’s take Valentine’s day. ‘May be’ or ‘may be not’ you’re a hopeless, romantic, love fanatic like me. But we can always use THIS occasion or any other special day to celebrate and mostly importantly ‘dress nice’ to feel ‘extra nice’! So, let’s keep scrolling.

#Look 1 : The red dress! If this is not symbolic enough for Valentine’s day look then I don’t know what is.  So my selection is a monochromatic red dress which gives us plenty of styling options and therefore reusable over many occasion. Here I went all classic with my make up and shoes and clutch. However, gold, velvet or shiny pumps or sandals, together, with matching clutch will be perfect too.

At last: the perfect length, the neckline, the voluminous skirt makes it a great option for any hair length.

#Look 2 : It is more of a chic but saucy look. It is quite stylish if you are into dressing well and ‘princessy type’ is not your thing.  Satin, itself, is always a good choice of fabric for a special celebration. Plus polka dots on this beautiful pink still makes you noticeable without screaming bright colour. Now! If you’re willing to extend the sauciness go for a smokey eye makeup. And opting for the side bun here is only decent fit for your smokey look. Heavy curls or heavy accessories in my opinion will be blowing out of proportion.

To complete the look black heel sandal and matching clutch gives that just right dimension and aesthetic. Any similar colour or white would blend in for a not so good look.

#Look 3 : Ok. So this is for those ‘extra princess’ in heart ladies. I understand that this dress is not your regular wardrobe staple but if you don’t live your life now then when, right! Bring out your best jewels, curls, pearls and live the day feeling like #the one. It features the drape, satin look and very beautiful bardot neckline (like the red dress above).

I’ve matched it with again with an ivory Moschino clutch and a pair of high heel sandals. Red stained lip just completes the look (like a blooming flower). Overall, it is eye-catching.

No matter if you have a fancy plan or just wish to have a relaxed evening, this guided looks would inspire you coz one day you would like to dress up and this article will be your access to get it done swiftly.

P.S. These are also great options for any other romantic dinner awaiting.

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